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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Pink Elephants and Buddhas

Bangkok, Thailand

After flying for 36 hours and arriving at 3 AM, you stumble out into the bright morning sun armed with a digital camera and a determination to see the sights and take some pictures.

The hotel room is all marble, granite and mirrors. The $600 room is going for $150 because  the flood news has frightened the international tourist crowd. On top of that, they've upgraded us to a suite. It's the most luxurious place we've ever stayed and they throw in a great breakfast and free internet.

This is the Lebua Towers, where much of Hangover II was filmed. I can't wait to see it.

We did a pretty good job with Bangkok, considering that we only had two days to take it all in.

We rode a lot of tuk-tuks, had some clothes made, climbed the Temple of Dawn, cruised the river in a long tail boat, saw the Reclining Buddha, the solid Gold Buddha, the Emerald Buddha, the King's Palace complex, and the Wat po Temple complex. We ate in the open night air on the 66th floor of the hotel and listened to some good bands and drank some expensive mojitos....

So the first day I took 150 pictures. It's hard to do all that and publish a comprehensive daily blog while suffering from a severe sleep now I'm going back and pushing a few more pictures up online (mostly for my own amusement)....

You elephants, Buddhas...that sort of thing...

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  1. great idea...and you get to relive it all over again and again and again.sil