Fire Cloud...
An irregular marking on the exterior of Native American pottery: usually resulting from burning fuel coming in direct contact with the vessel during firing

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Lake Powell

Wahweap Campground, National Recreation Area

After hanging around Sedona three more days, we decided to head north to Lake Powell and Page, Arizona.

I've got hundreds of amazing photos of Antelope Canyon. It's a slot canyon on the Navajo reservation. You need a guide to go there. On sunny days it's wall-to-wall with tourists like me trying to take pictures.

The Navajo offer another trip to "Canyon X". Only six photographers a day are allowed in. It's a six hour trip, lunch included.

We ran into a bus full of Japanese tourists in Sedona. They were kind enough to pose for me.

Mrs. Phred is talking about renting a houseboat or a motorboat to explore the more remote parts of Lake Powell.

Page, which is nearby has six public tennis courts.

You can raft 40 miles down the Colorado from the dam to Lee's Ferry. The week long trips though the Grand Canyon launch at Lee's ferry.

We might stay here awhile. It's a pretty place.


  1. What beautiful photos, and what a beautiful place. I hope to see it sometime.

  2. looks like a good place to hang... always wanted to do the houseboat... sounds cool...sil