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An irregular marking on the exterior of Native American pottery: usually resulting from burning fuel coming in direct contact with the vessel during firing

Friday, 8 April 2011

Big Bend National Park

Las Cruces, New Mexico

The trip though the Big Bend was a  little disappointing because the cactus plants were not in bloom quite yet and because all the pictures we took mysteriously disappeared.

I've stolen some Big Bend cactus flowers off the internet for your amusement. You can imagine that I might have taken them in a week or two.

We picked up a young French hitchhiker named Damien and took him to the Chiros section of Big Bend. Mrs Phred said "No" when I asked her if I could pick him up, but I stopped anyway. He was about 20 and taking buses and hitchhiking though America in three weeks. He had been to New York City, Miami and Lafayette Louisiana. Somehow he had focused on Big Bend and wanted to hike up and camp at a high peak. 

 I  admire Damien's spirit. When I was his age the US Air Force was giving me an excellent free tour of the Pacific: Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, Wake Island, Midway, Taiwan, Hawaii, Guam, etc.

We really like the little RV park in Marathon on US 90 about 80 miles north of the Big Bend National Park. This morning we drove 300 miles to Las Cruces which has many attractions and activities. We might be here five days before moving on to Arizona.

The "Double Eagle" restaurant  in Mesilla has the world's best Margaritas. I should know. They also serve a mean steak.

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