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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Flamingos and Pit Bulls

Sarasota, Florida

The last couple of days I've had packs of pit bulls charging me on my walks.

So far they've stopped at the fences. There is a certain redneck mentality that keeps these vicious beasts for whatever reason.

I think I'll start carrying my banana knife on my walks. Without a competent weapon I'm just a another soft-skinned human and no match for three or four crazed pit bulls.

On my 5.5 mile walk today, besides the pit bulls, I also saw a flock of flamingos, a bunch of camels, a big snapping turtle, two alligators, horses and cows and a bunch of exotic waterbirds that I didn't recognize.

All the cows I saw today were accompanied by a flocks of about 40 white Egrets. I'm not sure why the white Egrets like cows. Maybe the cows stir up insects?

In dealing with a pack of pit bulls, I'd rather carry my assault rifle with the 50 round clip than a banana knife, but you can't just walk around rural Sarasota with a serious weapon.

After you leave New Orleans, there is a peninsula going south about 100 miles that is full of wetlands and bayous. Before Katrina, the Cajuns who lived there were very friendly to tourists and offered exceptional cusine.

Roy's was a Route 66 landmark. Now it stands empty with traffic rerouted to the interstate. Nearby is a small recent volcano. The locals like to make jokes by burning tires in the crater at the summit.


 A Mexican beach at dawn in the Gulf of Cortez.

Sedona...worth another visit this summer.

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