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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Massive Confusion

Fredericton, New Brunswick

We found a tennis court online in Fredericton, but when we arrived, they were busily resurfacing the courts. Our RV park is fairly empty until school lets out on June 23. We're on the wide St. Johns river. The owner is very nice. He provides free canoes and bicycles to his guests. The RV park name is Woolastook. It's about ten miles west of Fredericton on the river valley highway we will follow up into Quebec.

The Fredericton website has lots of things to see but they seem reluctant to provide any physical addresses which make GPS navigation difficult. We stumbled upon this race track.

We did cash in our US dollars at a Canadian bank. All of our credit cards charge a 3% foreign transaction fee (and an additional 3% for a cash advance), so paying cash is a slightly better option than charging. The ATM fees were about 1.2% on a $300 (Canadian) withdrawal...penny wise..pound foolish...Most things up here don't get started until July. The high today was 50 degrees F. We did see several beaver dams...

We found some tennis courts eventually with a rough asphalt surface that caused some crazy bounces. There was a strong wind influencing the flight of the balls. I lost 3-6 on the first set.

We failed to take maps, lunch or water or mark our RV Park on the GPS, so getting back to the RV was a little dicey...

We resolve to get our act together...tomorrow we will see:
  • The potato research center (We look forward also to the Potato Museum further North).
  • The Changing of the Guard
  • Play tennis in the Queen's Square
  • Talk a one hour walking tour
  • The botanical gardens
I'm running short on some of my blood pressure medication. To get a refill I need to see a Canadian Doctor at an "after hours" facility and get a prescription. My other option is a 135 mile run down I-95 to Bangor, Maine....the third option is not to worry about it for a couple of months...

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