Fire Cloud...
An irregular marking on the exterior of Native American pottery: usually resulting from burning fuel coming in direct contact with the vessel during firing

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Expedition North

North Carolina and Georgia

So after diging out of the ditch we spent several days visiting with Kenny and Carie and the six grandchildren. Carie makes possibly the best fudge in the world.

Our six grandchildren are all lovely and extremely well educated. Number seven will be here in March. Somehow Carie manages to home school them all. It is an incredible accomplishment. They all play the piano, speak Latin and excel in other academic topics.

This is our son, Kenny, patriarch of the brood. He has much more gray hair than I do. He is a lover, a musician, a poet and an attorney.

After that we went to visit Bruce, Felicia and Sampson in Atlanta. Felicia is an old friend from Tampa. Bruce likes to drink Pusser's rum in tots. A tot is about 2 ounces and sailors get 2 tots a day. Bruce was a Navy Captain SEAL with three tours in Viet Nam, two silver stars and two purple hearts. He has a picture of himself at a young age as a seaman just hours before his front teeth were broken out by an angry Canadian with a beer bottle. He has learned to moderate his comments about the Queen. Sampson is a really big and friendly dog.

We really enjoyed our visit with Bruce and Felicia and Sampson the dog. Bruce is a great host. He left coffee outside our room at 4:30 AM every day. On the last day, our towing hitch froze solid at 4 AM. I waited until Mrs. Phred woke up at seven AM. The temperature was 14 F. Mrs. Phred poured hot water on the hitch and we drove back to Tampa. She's much smarter than I am in some ways.


  1. glad you finally got out of the ditch....and out of curiosity which way is she not smarter then you :-) sil

  2. That was some GREAT driving there boss.....better stick to eating your way thru FLA!