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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Is Thought the Mother to the Deed?

Sarasota, Florida

If so, my brain is still mostly pregnant.

The weight room is a few steps away, and I think about working out every day. So far, I've walked over once to look at the weights and work out equipment.

There's a dive trip to Normandy coming up. 50 degree water, poor visibility, strong currents, extreme depths and lots of unexploded ordinance. I'm definitely thinking about it.

The old folks play sand volleyball barefoot all day right across the street from where we are parked. They scream and cavort like grade school kids. It looks like fun. Definitely worth thinking about.

The pool mostly clears out about dark and I've been seriously thinking about swimming some laps to get in shape. Most nights I take my old fins and dive booties down to the pool and order a dark rum and coke at the tiki bar. Once I actually jumped in and did a few laps...mostly fin kicks and backstokes.

I've been reading about three books a day for the past few weeks. The county library is nearby and I've been discovering new authors. One way to do that is to look for an author with a bunch of books on the shelf and sample one. Another way is to check favorite authors for something unread or just something good that one hasn't read for awhile. I reread "Blood Work" by Michael Connelly yesterday. It was almost as good as the first time.

My cousin Kate came by last week and spent a couple of nights with us. We had a picnic with Mom, but she didn't remember Kate or quite understand how they were related. I used my James Bond picnic basket with the cute plates, linens, wine glasses and silverware. We had Pinot Grigio, chocolate fudge, fruit salad, potato salad and a baked chicken. It was a nice visit in a deserted park on the Withlachootchee River. I think "chootchee" must be Indian for river.

We're heading out to pick up some pies and things for Thanksgiving tomorrow.

I'm thinking about building more sandcastles.

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  1. michael of our favorites...just finished one i think called the brass verdict (or something like that) really enjoyed it..sil