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Wednesday, 22 October 2008

A Lull in Life

Tampa, Florida

I have not posted anything for over two weeks. I'm alive and well and living in Tampa. We spent almost a week moving into the Blue Bus, learning to work all the new gadgets and wandering around in our new palacial (36 foot) digs.

We're working on Mom's medical and social issues. She turned 85 in August and things that used to be easy for her have become a little harder... a small example was running out of checks with which to pay her bills... so I haul her down to the bank and order more... a task maybe too complex for her at this point in life... she's stll very sweet... maybe it's time for a tattoo of a heart that says "Mom"? She was building radar artillery fuses during my first two years on this planet.

I've been hitting the local library a lot now that I'm back in the county where I have a library card. Mrs. Phred and I have been taking some lessons from Jack, our tennis pro. Jack is a wiry little guy maybe even older than I am. He's from the Zen school of tennis: don't think about it, just hit it. "Hit a thousand balls". We've also been playing some singles. My scores have been 6-0, 6-1, her favor. Today we drove down to Sarasota to play some doubles with a number of friends and acquaintances from last year. I did well, considering a seven month break.

So... Life isn't always that interesting, but sometimes that's ok... We'll be moving to Sarasota November 1st... That's Mrs. Phred's birthday. It doesn't look like the trip to the Keys for Friday's Fantasy Fest is going to happen... The juice isn't worth the squeeze... It's nine driving hours to get down there...

McCain has a slight lead on Obama in Florida as of today... We've mailed in our absentee ballots. There are ten presidential candidates on the ballot in Florida, including Ralph Nader and seven others I didn't recognize. We both voted for Obama.

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