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Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Head shops, Vegetarians and Aged Hippies

Asheville, North Carolina

We pushed the RV hard and made the 1,000 miles from Boston to Asheville in 20 hours of drive time. We stopped to sleep in a vacant lot on the Pennsylvania/Maryland border and cooked tortilla crusted taplia for dinner. It was hot, so we cranked up the generator and ran the air-conditioner all night. Usually we only use the generator 15 minutes at a time to make coffee while running down the road. I change its oil once a year, usually back in Tampa in the Winter.

We are perched on a mountaintop near Asheville with a great view.

Today we went into Asheville to look around. We saw a many disreputable old hippies on the streets. Lots of street musicians, head shops, tattoo parlors and vegetarian cafes. The Arts scene is very active here with many scheduled plays, music festivals and film festivals. If you want to buy a bong, some zig-zag papers, a smoking glass pipe or a Greatful Dead sticker, this is the place to be. The downtown is a great place to stroll; interesting architecture, shops and restaurants. I know I'm getting old now because when I see a silver blob on a young woman's nose, I always think of snot and boogers.

The house below was way out in the country. We went to look at it and let the GPS guide us in. It looked good online, but it's pretty far out. (3 bedroom, 2 bath...$298,000 asking price).

After a while, we drove to Hendersonville to look at the housing. We also looked at Weavervile, just down the road. Asheville has a population of 70,000. Hendersonville is about 20,000. Weaverville has 3,000. We liked Weaverville the best.

We will be viewing the Biltmore Estate tomorrow. It's one of the grand castles built during America's gilded age of great mansions and rich people. It was a time before income taxes. They also have canoeing and white water rafting here.

I'd like to look at some of he high elevation places close by. 102 miles up the Blue Ridge Parkway, you run into Beech Mountain and Grandfather Mountain, both with 5,000 foot elevations, both very cool in the summertime.

All I really need is a place to park the RV and a two car garage or a barn to make my wine and beer and for my woodworking and other tools. I'd prefer a barn.

I made an "avatar" for Mrs. Phred to use on her website chats. She's gotten very serious about the online Women's RV Forum. The picture is severely cropped from a shot at Niagara Falls last summer. You can see my shoulder to her left (your right). I had to brighten it because her face was in the shade. I don't know how she manages to stay so photogenic.

I spoke to Cousin Danny last night. We went fishing in Alaska together two years back. He will be in Wilmington on the 13th. He knows a boat Captain there who runs way out in the Atlantic to catch tuna. Maybe he will take me along. We plan practice spitting overboard and drink whiskey from a bottle on the return to port.

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