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Thursday, 31 July 2008

Cape Cod

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Cape Cod has about 80 miles of "National Seashore". It is undeveloped white sand beach and sand dunes. It cost $15 for a vehicle pass, unless you are old like us and then it's free.

The trip over to Cape Cod involves a lot of traffic in the summer. We saw one traffic jam of stopped cars backed up for 15 miles trying to leave the peninsula.

We drove out to the Provincetown at the end of the Cape. The small seashore town is jammed with cars and pedestrians in mid-summer.

The only thing uncrowded in Provincetown is the barber shop. I get a haircut and we have lunch and do a little shopping.

The beaches are lovely and the water is clear and cool. It all reminds me of "Jaws" which was filmed on one of the nearby beaches in a summer setting.

The pungent odor drifting out of a local shop tells me that the local police are not much into drug law enforcement.

Obama has been over in Europe discussing chlorinated chicken in Berlin with crowds of 200,000. Europe bans our chicken because we disinfect the carcasses in a chlorine bath. This running for President stuff is more complicated than I first thought....I've always been a fond of the concept of nuclear irradiation of foodstuffs to kill germs like salmonella. I think they might they go for that in Europe. Wrap them in plastic and nuke 'em. That should result in a shelf life of 100 years or more. I know how to say nuclear without sounding like a Texas hick. This is also a neat solution for what to do with high-level radioactive waste....a glowing chicken in every pot.

There are a number of motor homes parked right on the beach at the Cape Cod National Seashore.... but for the traffic, we'd be tempted to drive here and camp for several days. Maybe next time, in a different season.

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