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Sunday, 1 June 2008

A Philosopy for Retirement

Grand Junction, Colorado

The city of Grand Junction has an interesting Main Street. They have over 150 metal sidewalk sculptures. Some are whimsical. We don't know quite what to make of James Dalton Trumbo in a bathtub. I remind Mrs. Phred of his powerful anti-war novel, "Johnny Got His Gun". It came out sometime in the 30's. The protagonist has lost his arms and legs and is blind, deaf and unable to speak because of war injuries. A nurse establishes communication with him after ten years in the hospital by tapping on his chest.

The shop windows on Saturday night are full of interesting images. I see a Grateful Dead sticker I want for the RV.
We settle on an Italian restaurant for dinner. I order Mrs. Phred a glass of local wine, Plum Creek Cabernet Sauvignon. I have a Ceasar salad and am dismayed to learn another closely guarded secret of the universe: it's only lettuce.

We spent our first day here relaxing and reading. We're trying to slow down and act as if this travel thing is our life, not a long vacation. After almost three years on the road, we need to reassess what it all means.

We took a long drive on a canyon rim and a hike up in the Colorado National Monument today. The geology is still similar to the Utah sandstone 100 miles to the west. We're still 300 miles west of Denver at the beginning of the Rockies.

Maybe it's time to start thinking about a vacation? Here's a link to ten of the world's most forgotten spots of paradise. The Cotswolds in England are right up there with Tristan da Cunha.
I've located a condo that will accommodate two couples on the sparsely
inhabited garden island of Kauai. They have tennis. The cost is $62.50
(about 32 pounds sterling, I think) per night per couple for a condo
overlooking the bay. 2BR, 2bath.
I've been to Hawaii 32 times on my way to or from SE Asia. The weather,
beaches, fruits and ocean are truly paradise. No snakes. Maybe I'll be
able to sell this to Mrs. Phred.

Do you remember the "cruel jokes"?
"Mrs. Jones, can Johnny come out and play baseball with us?"
"Children, you know Johnny doesn't have any arms or legs."
"We know, we want to use him for first base."

The worlds largest flat-top mountain is near here. The top of Grand Mesa is at 10,000 feet. There are over 200 lakes on the mountaintop, all full of big, tasty trout. I still have my hip-waders from the trip to Alaska last summer. I think we may go camping up there for a few days. We have to be back at an electrical source by Friday for the finals of the French Open.'s just another job. You have to work at it.

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