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Saturday, 21 April 2007

The Feral Chicken Controversy

Big Pine Key, Florida

This morning a key deer wandered past the RV. They are an endangered species, about the size of a large dog. This one was a six-point buck.

The RV park has the old time Keys ambiance I was hoping for… old trailers with strings of lobster trap floats and plastic palms as yard decorations

We went into Key West last night. You can count on seeing some odd things and people in Key West. We saw a lady pushing a white poodle in a baby carriage. Another in an electric car filled with stuffed flamingos. A drunken man with a missing front tooth invited us to go upstairs to see nude women. The sunset celebration on the pier had the traditional fire and glass eaters. Last night they were set up by the pier for a giant celebration of the Billfish Tournament.

Key West is known for its tolerance and its love and hate of feral chickens. They roam unhindered though the restaurants. We had some surprisingly bad margaritas and very good coconut shrimp. There were two roosters, several hens and half-dozen fluffy chicks eating scraps off the floor.

The reefs are not what they were in the 1960s when I began diving. They are suffering from a bleaching effect. I think it is caused by pollutants and rising water temperature. Add to that several decades of diving pressure from dive boat anchors and millions of divers trampling the delicate coral and the results are sad. Of course, if you were seeing these reefs for the first time, you might think that they were very lovely. I have a three tank dive on Looe Key lined up for the morning, perhaps a shipwreck…

Here are some chicken pictures.

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