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Monday, 7 November 2005

Utah Windshield Pictures

Driving in Utah From Bryce National Park to Arches National Park

It's 4 AM. I'm typing by candlelight because the campground has no electrical hookup and the RVs 'house' battery has been drained overnight. The laptop and its cellular modem are running on its own battery. It is 28 degrees F (-2 C) and the propane heater isn't working because it needs DC power to operate its computer controller. I'm afraid to turn on the van motor and recharge the house battery because there are people (hardy souls) tenting nearby and it would be inconsiderate to disturb the morning silence.

I break out the tools at dawn and replace the dead house battery with the van battery. The RV has two 'slide-outs' which give some extra square feet when parked, but you can't drive with them open. To retract the slides, I have to exchange the batteries.

We buy another battery near Bryce and in the process I meet a Mormon mechanic named Clay. Clay graduated from High School four years ago. He spent two years in Toronto on a mission to spread the word. He was a very handsome young man with sparkling blue eyes. I told him that some Mormon young people had visited me in Tampa and left me a bible. He asked if I had read it and I lied to his face. He was a delightful and friendly young man.


The trip 270 mile drive today leaves us in Moab, Utah. Next door is Arches National Park and Canyon lands National Park. I like this place. It has two used book stores. Today I took a bunch of casual snap Utah windshield pictures on the astounding 270 mile drive from Bryce to Moab. One geologic formation really made me laugh.

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  1. Psst. Don't tell John Ashcroft about it. He'll be seeking a very big set of drapes.