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Saturday, 1 April 2006

A Man for All Reasons

San Antonio, Texas – 1 April, 2006

San Antonio is the basic training centre for the Air Force. Downtown hasn't changed much since Mrs Phred and I left in a green British TR4-A in March, 1966. We see a grim-faced Air Force 2nd Lieutenant in dress blue uniform holding a well-dressed young woman by the hand and heading into the courthouse in the town square. They look very young. We decide they are going for a marriage licence and hope they make a good life together and come back in 2046.

The River wanders around downtown in a confusing way. The River Walk district is packed with bars offering umbrella shaded seating. We have a glass of sauvignon blanc and meet two Chicago liberals. They tell us that the current Mayor Daley is as much an embarrassment to Democrats as Bush is to Republicans and tell us stories.

Two Texas Republicans at the next table join in the conversation. One offers us his card. It reads:

Gary Fisher, PhD- 'A Man for all Reasons'
- Uprisings Quelled
- Bridges Destroyed
- Revolutions Started
- Foreign Debts collected
- Coffins Filled
- Bagpipes Tuned
- Saloons Emptied
- Earthquakes Arranged

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