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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Shake Down

Sebastian Inlet State Park

 The battery on the toad died twice as we towed it 115 miles east across the peninsula. You have to leave the key turned to "accessory" to keep the steering wheel from locking up. Also the "Brake Buddy" is a compressor that runs off the cigarette lighter and assists in braking  Theoretically you stop about 250 feet sooner at 60MPH with the assist. I'm sure it helped me keep from totalling out a bull moose and the RV one time.

 Anyway, the toad battery is 4 years old so we bought a new one this morning and also bought a device that will let me run the Brake Buddy from a second battery.

 The other problem is that the bolt on the big "slide- out" broke once again with the slide halfway out. We hit home depot and bought 5 more replacement bolts and then transferred as much luggage weight as possible out of that slide "basement" into a basement area not on a "slide-out."

Our travails pale in comparison to those of the Spanish expedition of 1715 which ran into a hurricane here while hauling gold and silver back to Spain in an armada of 12 ships. 1500 survivors set up camp here and sent to Saint Augustine and Havana for help.

Many of the ship wrecked Spaniards died here as they looked for salvage for 4 years until, at last, the whole thing was forgotten. 

The treasure was rediscovered and they began recovering it in the 20th Century using modern salvage techniques. The park has a museum full of pottery, jewelry, weapons, gold, silver, ship bells, cannon, anchors and crucifixes.Admission is only $2.

 One more night here after today and then we move south, toward the Keys, and spend the next three nights in the Jonathan Dickinson State Park.

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