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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Obscured by Fog

Charleston, Oregon

The fog hung around all day today. Here on the coast the high was 55 degrees F. I went for a walk on the beach at 6 AM and found it difficult to find the path back to the RV park. The visibility has been about 50 feet all day. This is a picture of the halibut I cooked for Mrs. Phred yesterday.

We went to the Cape Arago State Park in the morning. At an overlook, we could hear herds of seals and Steller's sea lions arfing up a storm, but the fog obscured the rock that they like to rest on.

The cove at Cape Arago was free of fog. There were tide pools but the animals were not as colorful as the ones we saw yesterday. The sea anemones mostly looked like little mud donuts.

We did see one starfish. We also found a chocolate muffin and some birthday candles for our Skype session with grandchild # 4. Today is his birthday. He is six. We talked him and his little brother into blowing out the candles and they both blew so hard that little globules of spit appeared on the camera lens.

The Gold and Silver Falls State Park was a 40 mile drive into the interior. The temperature went up 20 degrees as we left the coast and hit the one-lane winding roads into the park.

Both falls were about a 1/2 mile hike.

Yesterday I got a haircut by a Vietnamese woman about my age. She told me about her recent five-country, five-week vacation to Asia. She booked the whole thing herself and took her husband. It was strange how many of the same places we had been...Da Nang...Saigon...Qui Nhon...she was a good barber. She didn't like L.A. so she moved to Oregon and met her American husband.

The Gold and Silver Falls State Park would have been hard to find without a GPS...the two falls each require a 1/2 mile hike. Mrs. Phred was ready to strip down to her panties and frolic in the waterfall...

I think our next stop, going North, is Winchester Bay.

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